Is ranked worth it?

Want to know if I should keep grinding ranked. I played 38 games tonight and had about a 35% winrate. Didnt even lose any progress, just stagnated at division 3 rank 8/9. I am not this dog shit at the game, I am 53% wr at tier 10. But the thing is that I only have the prog and tvp50/51, I like these tanks in randoms and have a few hundreds battles in them. And I am playing on the Asia server from Australia. So I am always at 250ms ping and majority of my team cannot use any of the info I give them. I think this last part is the real sticking point. I could probably grind this out if it was on ANZ, but the Asia server is such a shit fight, and then you make the whole thing lag on top of that and it makes an already depressing mode soul crushing.

I really want kpz 50t but I am going to have to play to the end of the divisions and then probably 50 more games in leagues because I only have 11000 bonds.

Is the Kpz really worth it?


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  • Tahlia Clamp 06.04.2021 in 10:11

    Hey There, ce fai maci ?

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