Is the accuracy state in this game real or just a long running april fools joke?

EDIT: Accuracy STAT not state…tho i think it counts too

This is a serious question, is the actual accuracy state in this game like…legit or a joke?

I get that this is an arcade game with RNG, but this game has so much RNG that loot boxes start becoming more fair.

TL;DR Still learning TDs, playing the Chariotter which supposedly has 0.34 accuracy (100% crew with BiA and vents), missing most shots even on stationary tanks which are in the open, sometimes showing their whole side.

I'm slowly grinding up on my Charioteer, have the top gun, slowing learning how to play TDs. The Charioteer's top gun has…or well "has 0.34 accuracy", but i feel like that stat is borderline lying to me. I'll take my last 3 games as an example, mostly cause i just quit after the 3rd one today.

1st game, i fired 10 shots, none hit, 2 of them weren't aimed because i was running away from collapsed flank hoping to maybe hit the tanks after me. One shot was fully aimed, but at a moving EVEN 90, so doesn't count. The other 7 shells were fully aimed, 6 of them shot at tanks fully in the open, 1 slightly in cover. The tanks were 400-300m away, some showing their sides, so even more circle on the tank. And as said before, all shots missed.

Ok 1 shitty bad game, but it can't happen more than once can it?

Welp, next game, alone on a flank, most went lemming on the other flank, a few went to the cap circle, who then died since the enemy pushed my flank and i had to quickly retreat to find another spot, but too late. I shot 6 shells, 4 on stationary tanks, again around 450-350m since i spotted some myself. 1 hit, 3 missed, the other 2 were shot while on the move and spotted. Enemy captured base while the other flank didn't wanna push 2 of their heavies.

3rd time's the charm right? Sorta. 12 shots fired, 7 on moving tanks, 2 hitting, others just going near them, one on stationary tank max range, actually hitting, tho obviously the lowest of rolls. 4 other shots on stationary tanks, most of the circle on them, 1 hitting, other 3 just going wherever the fuck.

Like, after that i was just done. I did do around 1400dmg in that game, but still. I'm just confused at what the point of the accuracy stat is when the RNG is so heavily forced onto the game. Like Russian bias or not, i hit more tanks in my heavies and only counting the few times when i snipe at some tanks, i can hit barely aimed KV-2 shots at max render range, tho Stalin's tank doesn't exactly count.

Like, i feel like it's easier to do a direct hit with an arty shot than anything else. It's just so frustrating when you aim, seeing that the shell has more chance of hitting than missing, yet it still misses…


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