Looking at Blizzard success on classic – when WG will follow??

As some of you might noticed, there was that aprill "fool" that worked almost well – WoT classic.

The only issue it had was limit, in ossrt of cooldown on T9 and T10 tanks, 15 and 30 minutes from finishing battle, while T7 nad T8 artilerry had none. (keep in mind that T7 arty MM value and combat capabilities were like T9 tank, and T8 arty was equal to T10 tank)
– which made stupid situation in which medium and heavy tanks were limited with lots of arty being free to use.

why we wont put WG attention to classic wot – to follow blizzard and launch it as it was at the release day.

Few words about my self: I was long time [PTS] member and Field Commander, started to play at late beta, at peak I was at 69% win ratio, overall, playing SOLO (this can be seen on my is-4 stats (when it was t9), I will admit I often platooned with one of best players WoT ever had, which boosted ours WR, same with tank companies and CW (back in the day CW and TC was added to your stats)

If you are familiar with WoT youtuber Dakillzor – Id eat him on breakfeast back in the day when he was my recruit 1v1. I played with NewMulti in [PANDA] refused to go with Odem Mortis to IEM in katowice…. to later join WG as employee in paris at CS.

So we can say I know a little bit about this game….. (Not the derailed shit it is today, old good game I mean)

WG proved to have technology and capabilities to have classic WoT paralell to retail. Launching it would bring many old customers back to this game….

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