Looking back, was it really necessary to remove the Gun Rammer from the Autoreloaders? Should it be given back?

Back when Progetto 65 and Standard B got hit with the nerf hammer, many people were upset. These vehicles were already weak in DPM even when firing cyclically, and it just got worse as they fired more shots.

The Progetto and Standard were maybe a bit overtuned, I could see that. But not only did they hit the DPM hard, they also murdered their gun handling. I actually didn't mind the big nerf to their gun handling, because it brought them more in line with their French and Czech brothers. But when you hit them with both of those nerfs, it just becomes excessive.

So I began to wonder, would any of the autoreloaders in the game of today be OP if they gave back the Gun Rammer?

The Italian Meds are all pretty balanced with the exception of the Progetto 46, which I would not give back a Gun Ramner, since it effectively got a built-in Gun Rammer when they nerfed the big boys. IMO the Italian Meds are very high skillcap tanks, but the payoff isn't that huge and they're still outperformed by many other Meds.

The IS-3A is generally considered a bad vehicle because it has some of the worst gun handling in WoT history (relatively speaking of course). If the IS-3A dropped an accuracy based equipment the gun handling would get even worse. So would that be OP with a Gun Ramner? Hell no.

What about the Italian Heavies? Well I personally think they all suck, especially the Rino. Maybe not the Bisonte though, that seems like a balanced vehicle, but it's still outclassed by the numerous meta premiums at tier 8. Would they be OP? Probably not, they have bad gun handling themselves, not as bad as IS-3A. But pretty damn awful.

So should Wargaming think about returning the Gun Rammer to the autoreloaders? I personally think yes, as long as they don't give one to the Prog 46.

Let me know what you all think.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/nj2oee/looking_back_was_it_really_necessary_to_remove/

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