Map Rotation Stats after 10.000 battles : Most Frequent and Rarest Maps

This is my maps rotation statistics. Im in EU server and i use Wot Numbers to log my battles.

Paris and Himmelsdof are blocked, so i have excluded them if they happened to appear in some battles (due to platoon different preferences). I also have exluded "WidePark" and "Province" because they are only low tier maps.

Most Common

  1. Karelia 5%
  2. Ghost Town 4,7%
  3. Siegfried Line 4,35%
  4. Erlenberg 4,24%
  5. Glacier 3,08%


  1. Berlin 0,7%
  2. Pearl River 0,75% (pearl river was introduced only recently, the actual statistics from the period it was available are around 2,4%.
  3. Empires Border 1,01%
  4. Ensk 1,6%
  5. Minsk 2,32%

For the shake of completing the list, After excluding Pearl River, Sand River should be the 5th rarest map, with 2,34%. However this is very close to majority of other maps, so it has no real significant importance.

In-between most maps have no big statistical difference, they all fall between 3% and 2,4%

2 of my favorites maps since i like light tanksProkorovka and Malinkova are at 2,52%

I wish i could do some further statistics, for example check if map frequency changes depending on tank-class or tier, but this is not possible since i cannot export the data to excel/csv to manipulate them further.

edit : I have disabled Encounter but i have enabled Assault.


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