Marked the Super Hellcat. WG should’ve called it a light, not a TD.

It literally has the stats of a tier 7 light and plays like one, but because WG called it a TD most people playing it sit redline sniping and complain about the pen.

It has decent viewrange, good mobility, good camo on the move and great camo when standing still. The gun on it has comparable tier 7 light dpm, but the much higher alpha gives the gun a nice punch helping when having to fight on city maps. On open maps you can use the camo and high top speed to race into a forward bush and once stopped you have enough camo for most of the enemies to have to proxy spot to spot you. Add binocs and you'll spot everything from that bush.

It isn't OP like people seem to want it to be, but I think it's a very enjoyable and fun tank to play that has been misunderstood and shat on a bit too much.

My stats in the tank playing solo


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