matchday promotion is a predatory premium shop business practice

Linking football match predictions to cash shop purchases i think is a new low, u can imagine how many lawyers were consulted before they implemented this premium shop "promotion", and how many fees it racked up to make sure it was all 'legal' in europe, completely disregarding morality and how dodgy and predatory this comes accros. money and fees that could have been used to fix and improve the horrendous ingame mission overview page they have had for the last year or so. (seperate post for extra dodgyness)

as a belgian citizen I have the option to report them to the gaming commision, and have done so today, remember, its the same gaming commision that beat EA in court and pioneered the fight against predatory lootboxes . If u have a similar commision in your country, I think there is plenty there to write them and ask them if they are okay with such practices in a free to play games promoted to minors.

Here is a link to the belgian contact form that i used earlier today , and i hope more of u will share links to similar government bodies in their countries


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