Mediocre Renegade sitting right under Chimera for 3 mark requirements, being 2nd hardest tier 8 to 3 mark.

Renegade's owners are doubtfully more skilled than Chimera's. Or are they?

Even if the owner base of these 2 tanks is similar, I think its time to change Renegade's label from "Mediocre" to "Pretty good" tier 8, since Chimera is also a pretty strong tank.



First, yeah, title maybe is a bit clickbaitish, in a sense that Stronger tanks aren't really "harder" to 3 mark.

When 3 marking a tank, you experience same advantages and disadvantages as others playing it. Almost every tank is equally hard to 3 mark, except some Too popular tanks that have requirements dropped because too many beginners or bad players are playing it. Example: is-3, T-44, is-7 etc.

Also, since it's a premium tank, and not a reward for skill like chimera, by time passing by, and WG selling it time to time, more average or lower than average people will be buying it, so its 3 mark requirement will definitely drop while Chimera's will remain more or less constant, unless WG simplify missions even more.

I haven't played enough battles yet to form my own opinion about this tank, I am having a break after that marathon. But I am glad to read your guyse's opinions.

Edit #2:

3 mark website site is russian, but symbols and buttons are understandable. Also chrome has translate option.


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