My biggest problem with CREW 2.0

According to this post:

If our crew will be able to handle up to 3 tanks it means that for ~100 tanks that I own currently that are all with decent/good crews after the update I will be able to crew around ~300 tanks. Who in god's name needs that? It only means that 2/3 of my crews will lose value and will stay unused because I will only really need ~30 crews. I understand this system will be very beneficial for new players but players like me that spened milions of hard-earned credits and hundrets of hours on crew exp. boosters are esentially getting totally screwed over!!! This is such a huge and unnecesarry change. Please reconsider how it will affect the players that already spended alot of time adjusting to current system.

Also, what will happen with premium and reward vehicles? I will be able to put 1 crew into 3 regular tanks and into premium/reward tanks? That is so many tanks for one crew! If I own T54E1, T57 Heavy and T110E5 with their own crews and use one of them for AE Phase 1 and Renegade after that change 2 full blooded crews will become useless because I will only really need one for all those 5 tanks. And if not, then it basically means you are nerfing my Renegade? Because I also bought premium tanks and grinded reward tanks to benefit from not-needing to create a sparate crew. If that change goes live almost half of my crews will be worthless because I don't need ~300 tanks in my garage. All the goddamn work and time I put onto them will become completly wasted.

Overall, I think this whole rework is unnecesarry, overcomplicated and pointless. We only really need exp. compensation for default 6th sense and changing few skills characteristics so that they actually matter. The system works perfectly fine, just remove few skills and give better ones. There is not alot of work to be done, no need to waste your money and time for such a huge, unnecesarry change.

I will highly appreciate if u/TragicLoss or anyone from WoT Development team responds to this.


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