“My fault?, no no its YOUR fault!” one medium Russian tank that distracted the whole team

So I was playing frontline one day and I was in the attacker team and we where getting close to the last sector of occupying it (zone F) I had my trusty TS-5 full hp and caping the zone when a random T-44 runs in the cap destroying some structures (fences and such) letting the artillery know our position even tho we weren't spotted because we driven the enemy back. So he slams into me and started to type how bad I am, due to still being a corporal because I had a big Internet issue at the moment so I had to afk for few minutes, he started to stat shame me and call me a red premium noob (Is it even possible to use xvm in frontline?) the artillery hits him for A WHOPPING 911 damage and set him on fire and blow up his ammo and sets his cupola flying aside and started to blame me the whole time as I was just caping and hidden, I started to argue with him in the chat as my team noticed how toxic he was and started to type something that should get him banned for a good reason, his pinging that was continuously going while arguing, starts to distract and disturb the other players that were focusing on the main objectives, he comes back now a different Russian med tank(STG) AND STARTS TO BLOCK ME AND PUSH ME BACK WHILE CLIMBING UP HILL and tell me how stupid I am driving a TS-5 (that I really like not because its a prem but because I know to play it good) , I lose my patience and reported him and tell the whole team to do the same as they had already enough of him before as they had the same experience with him previously during the battle, he gets disconnected from the battle and I freely start to move on on my still full hp TS-5 that I got on a challenge as a reward (The amarican challenge) and I am proud of it having 1 mark but 89% hits and being my only prem tank apart the t5 and t6 prems. God I felt much better when he was banned we almost lost a battle tho, we finish the battle on the last minute and cheer in the chat for reporting a really toxic and abusive player

I finished as a general with 200k credits 🙂

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/dhhdgh/my_fault_no_no_its_your_fault_one_medium_russian/

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