My world of tanks is broken. I cant fix it.

It took me many many battles to realize this but my game is broken and I cant fix it. I was always amazed by how people can shoot on the move and be so accurate. Auto aim or not. Well I have discovered why I cannot hit a tank while I am moving with auto aim or not.

After watching a few of my replays it would seem engaging auto aim makes it so my reticle is always in a trail position on the target, most times not even on the target. My gun is pointed directly at the target but when I fire just about every shot missed behind badly. Now I only use the auto aim feature in fast tanks like wheelies, lights or a cromwell when you are trying to chase another fast tank. While I flail away missing badly shot after shot they just pummel the living hell out of me.

The most glaring thing i noticed was when I was in my is6 and a 50 120 was trying to circle me, the tank was literally 5 meters away, i engaged auto aim and fired. Shot was 2 meters behind the 50 120. I checked the replay and it shows my gun pointing at the direct center of the tank but my reticle was way behind.

I tried to fix this. I turned on server reticle. I use a server reticle mod from aslains. I tinkered with my internet connection, (100mb download 13mb up) I did all these things then tried WOT again, same result, reticle is always in a trail position.

When I played in the past I always thought this was because of my potato cpu. Well I recently made a new machine 1060, i7 chip, gaming monitor, the works. But the result is still the same. Reticle always in a trail position, gun pointed at enemy but shells way behind. Oh ya and enemies hit me when their gun is not pointed at me. The shell comes out sideways, I always wondered how I was getting shot by guys not looking at me.

I even disconnected my router and ran my cable line straight to my modem, no change.

Now I know what you are thinking, ya but what is your ping? Well this is the best part, I live in chicago, my ping to the server is 10ms on average. I have run speedtest, I have run pingplotter for packet loss, I am not losing packets and my speed is 100mb down.

I have come to the realization I cant hit anything because I am shooting at tanks that are not there. I aim lower plate on a moving tank it almost always goes into the upper plate. I aim at a cuppola on a hull down tank that is trying to wiggle I miss almost every time even though i think my reticle is square on the target.

I watch streamers when they play and engage auto aim to circle and they are not having this issue. Their reticle is dead center on the target where it should be.

In my replays I also see enemy shells "missing me" but I get hit. The tracer is not in line with my tank but they still connect. I am playing a different game than what I am seeing on my screen. I get "ghost shells" all the time. I just scratch my head going how did I miss that shot?

Thinking I suck at this game is one thing, but knowing its not all my fault makes me feel like the hell with this game. The game is frustrating enough with terrible RNG, game balance, and OP pay to win tanks.


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