Not one cheater banned in World of tanks ?

So i joined the game after 3 years to try it out again, and saw that "friends" still played even though they have been cheating since 2011. Not fancy shit, they just downloaded what was free at the time, and one mentioned something of a buy cheat. So clearly no bans here.

Then i saw their updated fair policy about 515 banned players in oct. ban wave. I found this thread in this community:

So i started to look at some of the players… Players 1 seems like it changed name, can anyone find out?. Player 2: _massiveKEBAB (played yesterday) from the clan _DEER. I noticed more _DEER players on the list, so clearly they are sharing their cheat experince with each other. So i looked at one at their leaders Hefty_DEER , and he plays right now…

So i pointed that out on WGS own thread and ofc : " You have been restricted from posting on this community. "

I do not understand why anyone wants to play that game… Well i can, but normal people have a strict none cheat policy mindset. Clearly NO human players ever have been banned in the game, OR have they??? Gimme youre thoughts and detective skills.


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