5 Tips that give you an unfair advantage

Go into NVIDIA Control Panel, Adjust desktop color settings and set the settings below for your main Tarkov monitor

  1. Brightness +72%
  2. Contrast +100%
  3. Gamma +2.80

This pretty much allows you to see clearly at night without night vision at all which is great for doing night raids and getting an insane advantage against players either spending tons of NVG or those going in blind. Just remember to toggle the settings back for the day so it isn't too bright

Most of the newer 144Hz monitors have in-built gaming features and one of such features is placing a crosshair in the middle of your monitor. While the crosshair isn't entirely accurate, it will help you align your shots the more you get used to it. No more running around the corner and missing all your shots cause you don't want to lose split seconds aiming down sights. Just play around with the buttons beneath your monitor and you might find it

On your Tarkov client, pick a less populated server to get into minimal sized lobbies which are not only great for looting, but also good if you just want a controllable number of fights. You can identify less populated servers by taking note of the queue times and picking one with a relatively higher one. Playing during off-hours for the server will also result in emptier lobbies. A lot of players from the west coast are already doing this and playing on Tokyo server during their off-hours to farm Shoreline boss Sanitar amongst many others

Running Factory as a scav every 20 minutes gives you around 50k ~ 100k worth of loot just from the stuff you spawn in with and only takes you less than a minute to get from spawn to extraction. Occasionally, you will run into players or other player scavs and end up dying but 50-100k loot with the rare chance of spawning with stuff such as keycards for almost no effort on your end is nothing to scoff at

When listing items on the flea market, you might notice many barter trades for stuff such as Sugar that appears above the ruble prices. As an experienced player who knows it's a scam, you might not think too much of it and simply ignore it but you can turn this to your advantage and start putting your own listings for that item for sugar. There are plenty of newer players who have no use for their not in-raid Sugar and have no idea what their value is so it's easy money for you

As a final note, these are not glitches nor exploits. The player is merely tweaking settings on his monitor and doesn't interact with the game directly. The tweaks in fact are similar in nature to simply changing PostFX settings except for your external monitor rather than the game. The other in-game tips are also non-exploitative in nature and are simply a smarter way to play using intended mechanics within the game

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/i8bh9i/5_tips_that_give_you_an_unfair_advantage/

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