Object 140 Vs STB-1

Hi guys.

As the Homefront event goes, we can get two purple equipments. I just started thinking about, where to put them. I don't play clan battles. I play alone, or in platoon with my friend. So I can't have any of the broken OP reward tanks, and use the equipment on them. Only tech tree ones.

My first tough is the Obj 140. Already great medium become even better. Good choice with Ranked in mind as well. Than, I'm not so sure. The STB-1 is buffed recently, and in patch 1.6 will receive even more tweaks. Now it's a good tank as well, and not that common as the Obj 140.

Can the STB-1 complete against the Obj 140 now? Worth to put the improved equipments on that one?

So basically, is the STB-1 is a good alternative, instead of the Object 140? Where is the STB-1, on the Tier 10 medium "food chain" now?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/cj7pez/object_140_vs_stb1/

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