Object 430U vs Object 140

I've made a similar post before. I'm going through the Soviet Medium tank line right now and before I reach T-44, I want to be clear with which tank I want to get in the end: Object 140 or 430U.

To me, Object 140 is very appealing, since I've gotten used to previous tanks on mid tiers. I like its accuracy, rate of fire and speed. However, I think this tank has fallen out of favor of many players, since most other Medium tanks have 3,000 DPM with higher alpha damage guns, which means, that Object 140 isn't special anymore. From what I can tell, it only specializes in pinning down big targets and punishing them with its high rate of fire. That's about it (Correct me if I'm wrong). Meanwhile, the Object 430U is good at literally everything…

Speaking of the grind, it's clear, that T-54 has it much worse than Object 430, because 430 comes with top gun and top turret. Plus, T-54 has low penetration, which means, that it has to use a lot of gold shells, even with top gun…

So in the end, Object 430U is easier to play, easier to grind and much more powerful than Object 140 in the current meta. However, despite all this, I still prefer 140 because its play style matches mine. But I'll have to ask: Will I regret choosing this tank over the clearly superior one just because I like it? Will all the grind be worth it?

P.S. Here's my account stats just in case you think it depends on a player's skill:

https://tanks.gg/eu/xXGioBlasterXx – Tanks.gg

https://en.wot-life.com/eu/player/xXGioBlasterXx/ – Wot Life

https://worldoftanks.eu/en/community/accounts/529548496-xXGioBlasterXx/ – Wargaming

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/dycqhu/object_430u_vs_object_140/

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