One of the scrubs wanting to improve…guide me.

I started playing about 6 years ago. My ability was poor but I still managed to grind out a T110e5. Most of the tanks I have a American, with a smattering of British and Russian up to T5. I’ve nearly completed the current season pass after picking the game up again in week 3. I’m slowly getting better but still suck.

What is a good line to grind out for a light and medium tree, doesn’t have to be based off what I currently have. All I’m looking for is something that might not be the best but gives a good basis to learn the tank play styles on.

Should I look to grind out a new T10 heavy? The IS-4 for instance, with its 50% XP line boost in the current event. I have a T150 in the garage already.

I’ve not bought any premium tanks, are there any that are a certain benefit to own?

I don’t want to be part of the problem, please show me the way!


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