OP factor for T8 premium tanks

[This is my first post on reddit, and English is not my first language so please bear with me if I didn't do everything right]

Hello guys,

Given that WG is currently offering a rare or discounted premium tank each day and also because I am a bit of a stats freak, I made a spreadsheet with the "OP factor" for most of T8 premium tanks that are currently in game, based on tank curves available here:


Then I thought perhaps some other people might find it useful so I decided to share it on google docs:


Since my intention was to make a simple comparison tool, I decided to condense the curves published there into one number; that number represents the WR gain/loss of the respective tank for a player with the average WR of 55%. This number was taken from the black curve that aggregates the all-time data for the respective tank.

To get a best estimate of the tank OP factor, refer to column B – the OP factor there is calculated as a weighted average of all regional servers (RU, EU, US, SEA); the weights were calculated from the number of random battles by a particular tank on the respective server.

Winners in each class:

  • Light tanks: EBR 75, ELC EVEN 90, LT-432
  • Medium tanks: Lansen C, Loraine 40 t, Progetto M35, T-44-100, …
  • Tank destroyers: WZ-120-1-FT
  • Heavy tanks: IS-3 auto, WZ-111, Object 252U [Defender], EMIL 1951, 50TP Prototyp

For me personally, the biggest surprise is Lansen C having the highest OP factor of all medium tanks, but this number may not be particularly reliable since the number of battles for this tank is one or 2 orders of magnitude lower than for most of the other tanks (column L).

Another thing worth noting is that the OP factor of top 5 heavy tanks is higher than that of any other tank in the remaining classes (TDs, meds, lights).

In the spreadsheet there are also other stats like the price of the tank in gold (column O), and penetration values and damage per shot (columns Z, AA, AB).

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/cyqabc/op_factor_for_t8_premium_tanks/

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