Pen bug?

This happened 2 times in my last 10 games of Cruiser III. Both times using the pom-pom shooting apcr, roughly 70 mm-s of pen. Distances were 200-300 meters in both instances. I shot at a Pz. 38H and a Pz. 38t. Both times it was a clean, almost 90 degree angle, I was shooting at their sides. In the case of the 38H, shells straight up disappeared, every single one of them, and I shot atleast one 4 round mag at him, and the pen indicator showed red, while I was shooting 70 pen rounds at 40 mm side armor. When I was shooting the pz 38t( this is inspired me to write this post, it happened about 15 minutes ago), we're talking 15(!!!!!!!!) mm side armor, pen indicator showed red at about 200 meters, I actually HIT him 4 times, shells didn't disappear, all I got was "we didn't penetrate their armor", so atleast I knew I hit him and I'm not crazy. I would have forgot about the first story if it wasn't for this one. Anyone had any similar experiences? I'd send these clips to you but I have no clue how to even search up my replays, let alone cut out certain parts, but if anyone can provide a guide, then I'll gladly do it in the evening if I have some spare time.


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