Players using FaceIT for rigging battles – fair?

Hey tankers of Reddit!

This is a throwaway account for obvious reasons.

There is a game-breaking bug which can be used to farm credits. On FaceIT, players can create HUBs and play 1v1 Special Battles against each other, basically they farm credits by letting a friend to kill them, and then change role.

I have attached screenshots about a HUB, eSuba_Hypnotised played, and cheated over 1200 battles in this mode, this gave him free credits all time. His name is Epichuszar on FaceIT, he is the owner of the HUB. I think his clan's "[DA-FI] Daily Firebugs" other members are glitching this way too.

MrScheff is a hungarian WoT streamer, he wrote an article about the bug on

Wargaming should fix this ASAP. I hope the players will face the consequences of getting unfair advantages by rigging battles.


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