Potential Fixes For artillery.

First of all as a arty main myself I do Believe hitting some one for about half or a third from all the way across the map is very much unfair and it needs to be nerfed, but not in damage or range

  1. Different spotting maps for Artillery
    The Arty get it’s own special spotting map where they do not see traditional spots. Example a friendly light tank spots a Enemy heavy but The artillery does not get the blip on the map, also in the overhead view of the map the arty can not terrain changes in relation to takes to prevent blind fire.

  2. New ways of Teamwork and Target identification (Sound Zeroing)

    Artillery not being able to see spots may seem like a large nerf but it should be replaced with Zeroing. Where the map displays a general place of tank whenever on fires, at first it would appear as a very large circle around the general area around the enemy tank and said tank could be any where near the Circle. but Depending on the caliber of the tank every shot would get closer and Closer to the enemy tanks real position, only if said enemy tank stays in the same area if it were to move it’s zeroing would reset. Also spotted tanks are already partially zeroed (as if the they fired a second shot even though they only fired one) This would also discourage staying in the same place as an arty player yourself as you should be quick zeroed in 2-3 shots by other enemy arty.

2.1 Working with the team.
More teamwork and cooperation would be encouraged where one of the main way an artillery player should be able so see a tank without zeroing in on their position is the quirks chat requesting fire at x tank, where the Arty would only to be able to receive 1 or 2 of theses said messages every 30 seconds depending on the Rank of said arty. Where if the arty was to look over at said requesting fire target the enemy tank should be highlighted normally for only 5 seconds

Closing Statements in my opinion this would makes arty players take more chances and give an effective ways for others non arty to Dodge the fire where most of the time if you get hit by arty it’s your win fault.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/hi0acg/potential_fixes_for_artillery/

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