Pushing in ranked

So I played ranked the other day, and a “team mate” pushed me/parked behind me in front of 3 enemy tanks causing my death. This was completely uncalled for, we had played the same corner a bit before and got in each other’s way a bit but nothing out of the ordinary. I played the outside so mostly it was him that blocked my shots. I’ve hade a bad streak of games and got tilted af. Said and done, I looked up how to get the replay, sent it to wg with the name of the player and time stamp of the incident.

This is their answer, shortened with the important bits.

Team-Damagers are handled by an automatic system that takes into account all attempts to cause damage to allies. This tool acts against team-killers and compensates those players whose vehicle has been damaged by an ally.

Once an account has damaged/stunned/killed a certain number of allied vehicles, which we estimate as beyond a reasonable accident, a restriction is applied to the offending account.

In addition, offenders are forced to pay a portion of the damage caused (in credits) and forfeit some experience to their victim. While we may tolerate occasional team damage, since we understand that accidents can happen during a battle, once an account crosses the line, a sanction is due. The first offense in World of Tanks is a 24-hour suspension, meanwhile recurrent offending accounts will observe escalating punishments.

We always try to maintain a positive environment in our game, so all players can enjoy their gaming experience. With confidence, we can assure you that our automated system accurately tracks these types of situations, so there’s no need to contact our Player Support team to report this specific situation.

Wtf is this? There is no way they have a program so advanced that it can tell if someone is pushing/standing behind you in a bad situation. So basically they are just saying oh well to bas for you, we don’t care that our game is ruined by toxic morons.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/jpcz9q/pushing_in_ranked/

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