Ranked mode not worth it for regular players?

I think Ranked is bullshit. Technically you win about 50% of your games. Chances of you getting a chevron are easy to calculate if you look at your stats and the system they implemented. You have about two/thirds of a chance to lose a chevron on a loss and two/thirds of a chance to gain one on a win. The only time you will get two chevrons is when you're having a really good game, which for a regular player is maybe once or twice every 10 games (on a win!). You need 22 chevrons to advance a division so that's about 225 games (for an average player). 225 games at a 10k loss each (average) is a net loss of 2.250 million credits. You get 1.2 million for advancing and 1 million for qualifying, which is about…. 2.2 million. Furthermore, you have to play those battles in a total of 2 to 3 weeks. Regular players like me don't even play that many battles in a month. A lot of players will just stay in the lower division because they won't play much because of 1) cost and 2) there is way too little progress. Losing chevrons will annoy people to no end.

You gain very little by playing ranked. Maybe you'll get a skin or badge or something. I suggest people should just do the qualifiers and that's it.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/dp17vq/ranked_mode_not_worth_it_for_regular_players/

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