Reason they should add Sixth Sense as a free skill. Reason they should NOT add Sixth Sense as a free skill.

I am a total noob who just started 4 days ago, and I have been on the brink of quitting the game because of how brutal it is to play a light tank without Sixth Sense.

I have a battle survival rate of 16% after 180 battles. On my worst performing tank, the AMX ELC bis, I have a survival rate of 9% and a Win rate of 22% (Overall winrate is 47%).

The majority of battles start out with me driving forward and finding what I think is a good position, only to instantly die to artillery or an enemy tank that saw me standing completely still inside a bush thinking I was hidden. I usually last 30-50 or so seconds. Other matches when I try and be really careful, I don't do anything for most of the game, then when our frontline has broken, the enemies eventually approach my position, and kill me before I see them.

Surely. Surely the game will be easier to learn and understand once I unlock Sixth Sense. I thought, and pushed on.

And yes. It was. It helps so so much. I feel like I am actually learning now. I have real difficulties learning in games that present you with too much information at a time, like WoT does. It all becomes a blur, and I end each match not sure what to take from it. What lessons I should have learned. But not anymore. I don't feel like I am dragging my team down now. I can scout without overextending anymore. I am having real fun now.

The problem however is… I just proved why they shouldn't make Sixth Sense a free skill. Because they earn money from idiots like me who spend real money. 5000 gold to buy a crew book to unlock the skill.

Playing match after match, dying less than a minute into each map, was so brutal, that I eventually caved and spent real money to unlock Sixth Sense. I feel ashamed, but at least now I won't feel ashamed dying half a minute into the match.


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