Review after 9 years of getting balanced by arty

So here I am guys. I started World Of Tanks in 2012 and I am still active. So here is my opinion as a long-time tomato.No worries, I keep it as short as the usual random match :)

Starting WoT was hella fun! There was no such thing as WoT and it instantly attracted me. Big f for my grades in school 😂
Grinding was slow and unlocking high tier tanks felt like seeing your girlfriend naked for the first time. I remember unlocking the Isu 152…oh boy… I rebalanced the entire lobby with this thing.
Premium ammunition was only available for gold so there was no spammerino like today.
The viewrange circle was actually shaped like a square, so could abuse that.
KV-2s basically went full stalin mode in T5 and t6 lights went full super mario kart mode against t9 heavies.
I could go on for hours but let's do a cut right here.

So years went by and the game obviously changed.
For example:
– Arty rework
– Viewrange circle
– Yeeting the 2 key for silver instead of gold
– OP premiums
– Less dynamic maps (no wide open areas anymore)
– Mario Kart EBR Edition (wheeled vehicles)
– WG League (which wasn't milkable enough so WG yeeted it out of the window)
– Introduction of Chieftain, Obj. 279 (existential crisis edition)

So do I still enjoy the game? Kinda.

WG need to fix some essential parts of the game. You all know what I am talking about and everyone has to deal with these problems in the current state of the game.
Yes, I do have fun but most of the time I get frustrated due to the poor state of the game.
WoT needs some fresh air. No fresh op premiums, but some changes with regards to the feedback of the community.
The core of the game is awesome and it could be loads of fun again, but they really need to follow the "community roadmap".

No community = no game



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