RIP Type 59 (powercreep got you afterall)

I make it short and sweet:

While the 59 isn't the worst tank ever (not even close!) it clearly underperforms when it comes to the gun.

It deals 250 damage with 185 pen and 0.39 accuracy. (DPM 2069, using rammers)

TLDR FIX => boost pen to 192 and accuracy to 0.36. Good enough for tier 8-9, but nothing crazy. Just reasonable.

These days the Type59's name is just a fainting memory. The times when one mumbled it's name with awe are long gone… and you don't see them roam wot anymore. A sad end for a once great tank.

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Long version:

For starters: the damage (per minute) is reasonable. 250/2000 is average, like many other tier 8. Give or take 100.

The penetration of 185 is… bad. Yes, it does only meet tier 9s, but… let's be honest, most tier 9s laugh their ass off facing anything below 200 or even 225 base! I'm talking weak spots here, like lower plates or even hatches. This also goes for quite a bunch of tier 8, including some premium tanks. TS5 and Defender come to mind.

Now one could try to make this work, there is still RNG in this game so spending a few more shots of cheap ammo wouldn't hurt if…. it wasn't for 0.39 accuracy.

This brakes the camels back. This alpha, this low penetration and you can't even aim the shots right?

Ther are plenty of tanks with 0.33 accuracy... which also range around 2000 dpm and do have HIGHER alpha or other beneficial trades!

Centurion: 226 pen, 0.33 (230 alpha)

Progetto: 212 pen, 0.33 (3x240alpha)

Garde: 212 pen, 0.33 (390alpha)

Oh but those ain't prefer MM – i hear you say…

The 343 does have 186 and 0.44 … but also sports 390 alpha. [basically same on is6/112/111 < all of which can brawl and trade shots!]

The SuperPershing does has 202 pen and 0.38acc (more accurate and 8.4% more penetration!)

Mutant: 204 pen, 0.4 accuracy. (slightly! worse aim, but still a lot better chance to punch trough.

FCM50t: 212pen, 0.36 accuracy (sadly this tanks playstyle has died out. agile ain't enough anymore. Rip)

These days, prefer MM tanks are basically dying out, so it's hard to compare, but one can see that those which still have it… they either got BETTER VALUES orrrr a mighty Alpha with about the same penetration!

This leaves 59 with 10% less penetration or 50% less alpha, compared to what we got, while still running the same DPM.

Of course, a tank is more than a gun and to sum it all up: the tank is very average in every other regard. Reasonable fast. Reasonable bouncy. Reasonable view range and whatnot. It's the most average tank i can think off – which… back in the day, would have been enough… but now we got wheeled tanks and SUPERheavies everywhere… -how is captain average supposed to fight this?

As suggested above, giving it a 192 pen and about 0.36 acc would it let hit the targets (on longer ranges) without making it OP, like it should be and hopefully, bring it back onto the (west)fields of Wot once again.

[also thread supporters should get a 59G ;p]


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