Salvation for new players? Lowtier Hitpoints Buff and Crewbooks discussion

So today I want to look at the two new proposed changes. HP buff for lowtiers and the new Crewbooks. Depending what WG changes about the crewbooks this can have huge implications for newcomers but also has a deeper undertone and might block out a crewrework completely.

As per usual I have put my thoughts also down in a video over here. But without further waiting lets have a look at the first change WG proposed, giving lowtiers, most notably t1-t4 more hitpoints. This comes with a coefficient which will just be applied to the HP. Like T1 tanks get 214% more HP. So in the case of the Master Sniper 1 ( MS-1 ) it will be 215 HP after the rework. The TOG could in theory get 1580 with the rework. But why did they do it?

I want to quote someone from the forum which basically summed it up amazingly good:

I like this, currently at low tiers, say tier 1 or example, you die in 2-3 shots, 2 seconds apart by an equal tier tank.

To emphasize just how crazy that is, ill scale it up to tier 10 Hp. The idea here is to show how ridiculous the dpm of a tier 10 vehicle would have to be to provide the same gameplay. So here goes.

Current Tier 1: 100 hp, dies in 3 shots. enemy tank has a 2 second reload

Tier 10 if all tier had the same kill-time: 2000 hp, dies in 3 shots, enemy tank has 700 damage per shot with a 2 second reload and can keep firing constantly.

Imagine that, an object 140 with 700 alpha and a 2 second reload. That is low tiers right now.

Yeah he is right. Lowtiers have ridiculous kill times. Making changes to the HP will make those killtimes longer and would make games also take longer. I am pretty sure that it is very disheartening for a new player to get two shotted every game. I even had a friend having this exact problem. Started to play WoT and got frustrated. So what are the pros and cons of this rework in my eyes?


– Longer game times

– Less punishment for mistakes

– Easier learning curve as you are allowed to do more mistakes


– More HP to farm for Clubbers

– Less punishing => you won’t learn as quickly from a fatal mistake

– Crewknockouts might be more frequent

– WN8 values would need to be completely overhauled, small problem tho and not important for noobs

As you can see the pros and cons are more or less equal. I do think though that more HP will benefit lowtier gameplay and help new players drastically. Still there are other things to be done to help new players which I want to discuss in a different post / video. There are a lot of things to be done to make WoT more accessible for new players. And I do think we need new players, NA server, as many of you can confirm, is basically almost dead, very little playerbase. NA is not even able to get ranked this season! So getting new players will be crucial. Yes I know there are other problems which drove longtime players away, but this is another topic for another post.

So what about the crew books. Honestly. When I first saw the books I had very high hopes. Sadly it got damped pretty quickly when I found out that there are only 1 type of books which are personalized and can be used to boost a crewmember from 70% up to 100 without a skill. Only the highest one can do this and it gives 850k exp. So that was a bummer. All the other 3 bookles, the second best being able to be brought for 2 mil credits on testserver right now, give 20k, 100k and 250k respectively to every crewmember when they are in said tank. Also you HAVE to have 100% on the qualification of the crewmembers. EVERY SINGLE ONE. So basically you will still have to grind to get a 100% crew to begin with. The 20k booster gives 50% for the first skill, sounds like a lot, but it actually isnt’ because to go from 50% to 100% for the first skill you will need 190k exp. So the small booster is pretty meh. The 250k booster gives you from 0% on your first skill 100% for the first one as well as 50% for the second. So perfect to get a new crew up to have 6th sense.

This is what I think is the most important. 6th sense should already be a viable for everybody and I STILL hope for a proper crew rework but meh… atleast its something so far. So what are the pros and cons of this new mechanic in my eyes:


– Depending if WG is going to change some more stuff or a CT3 those booklets can be an amazing help for newcomers. Getting a crew with 6th sense from such booklets may be a major help for newcomers and keep em at the game. A big point of my friend which tried to get into WoT was that he simply felt like there was not a real skillgap when the enemies just had such better crews to screw him up with. And yes playing with a 80 % crew or a 100% crew is ridiculous

– Helps tankcollectors to get a new crew for a tank they just recently got. Making it easier to get a decent crew to begin with

– Booklets with 0% skills could be introduced like a 6th sense booklet which gives your commander immediately 6th sense as a 0% skill e.g. like a 0% bia crew you can buy

– No indications that they will be sold via real life currency

– Can be obtained through merrit


– It devalues grinding for your crews. I saw this being thrown around a lot and I can agree. The more money you have the easier it is to get a good crew. With the current numbers you would need around 104 million credits to get a 6 skill crew from 100% with your first skill being at 0%. That is a huge investment. I needed 3000 Games for my JgPze100 crew to have 6 skills and 1000 for my EBR 105 crew. The EBR being much faster as I played it a lot with booster and the 75 FL 10 in frontline with boosters.

– It makes walletwarriors even more powerful as they can just get themselves a new fort knox and get a good crew easily without any grinding.

– Can generate a bigger gap between free to play players and payplayers

So yeah in conclusion the new books have pros and cons. It devalues grinding your crew exp but on the other hand it can help new players get into the game. Definitely the numbers have to be tweaked and a crewoverhaul has to come nevertheless. I still think though that if it helps new players I am willing to pay the price as it devalues some of my long and hard grinded crews.

Things I would like to see is that WG abolishes the 50 75 100% crews and just gives us a 100% crew all the time so the playing ground is more level and more competitive. Same as it is in WoWs, I love the crewsystem there. You have an achievable goal of getting a 19 skill captain which then generates commander EXP which can be used to retrain crews or give an extra skill. I love this concept as it doesn’t is an endless grind and reaching the end gives you the benefit of getting more EXP to use for different things.

In general I would say that we all have to be less egoistical sometimes. Not only just in game and about our own personal crews. And I know a lot will hate me for this. But we also should not be egoistical in real life. We are all humans and we all live on the same moist planet. There is no point in destroying it with what we do right now. If it is climate change or just investing in better infrastructure and public transport.

Sorry for getting off topic and thank you for your attention

Kind Regards



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