So after seven years I’ve got my first Tier X…

So I got my first Tier X today, the IS7. I took it out for a spin and I don't know what to do with it. The Obj 257 you hide your front because it's incredibly weak, and you sidescrape against literally everything. The IS7 even sidescraping doesn't seem to work, I just get penned with APCR no matter what I do. And my upper plate, even frontally, is still so weak compared to other heavies. Is the IS7 just not a good tank anymore? I don't understand.

After SEVEN 15-5 blowout losses in a row, I realized that the reason that this tank's armor is garbage is because everyone just spams premium ammo at it, and I think I've also come to the realization that the end game of World of Tanks is just… not fun. Using this tank has been a highly disappointing experience. Why bother trying to play well and aim for weakspots when the enemy is just going to drop premium ammo into your tank anyway? And even in a game where I didn't fire a single premium round, did nearly 3k damage, and penned most of my shots… I lost a LOT of money because the team just collapsed. I don't have enough credits in-game to continue even playing this tank right now.

And I found out the hard way that the Foch B can put APCR right through my gun mantlet. So I ask this as a serious question – why would you ever play at Tier X? Why play this game at all? Like I'm seriously considering walking away forever. What the hell is the point. At this point it's literally just "click click click click win". Like… no aiming. No skill. No flanking. Nothing. Just point, click, and hope you get a good pen roll.


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