Soapy Rocks – Bad Physics – Player RANT

Losing control of your tanks because a single track climbs a piece of rock is the MOST ANNOYING ISSUE with this game for me personally. Since the 1.0 update we the player base have had to deal with this stupidity. A 60 TON steel machine is not going to lose control and start wiggling in all directions and sliding like if it was on top of sloped glass.

Seen that Wargaming focuses all of its resources making new premium tanks selling to us the real MONEY spending player base is not acceptable. Many people in here have spent HUNDREDS of real dollars. You might think that it is your game, but it is not, it is OUR game since we all invest in it for years. Stop with your selfish and greediness and listen. Make the people happy and you will continue to make money from us.

Fix the game first. Fix the physics, fix the game balance, fix the maps, fix the not working bushes, etc.


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