Some stats you may be interested in…

Here are stats you will DEFINITELY be interested in, because they affect all of us, regardless of anyone being a potato or a unicum.

I stated my own database, since I don't really trust WG's MM or RNG… at least they way they want us to believe they work. These are based on my nearly 15k matches. Winning % = 52% And though winning percentage is the one statistic that we have the least control over (29 other tanks get a vote), I thought I'd add it for perspective and context.

Just a few of the interesting stats from the USC Server (for now):

Average match time is over 7 minutes. (I thought it would be much shorter)

There is an average of only 21% of teams that DO NOT HAVE a player that did 0 damage.

There is an average of OVER THREE players that do zero damage per game.

8% of matches have FIVE players who do ZERO damage on ONE team. Wow! An entire third of a team does zero damage.

I would expect WG knows this, and I would further expect they know who is more than likely to do zero damage. And THAT is why when I see 8% doing nothing, that I don't trust their MM or RNG.


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