Stock guns are NOT the problem, turrets are.

Hi, I'm sorry if I sound like I am fucking pissed, because I am.

I've been playing heavies since I started, and only when I reached tier 8 I've actually started feeling like I was playing actual heavies, every tier 7 and below that I've tried (except T29) felt like just another paper armor medium, unless I was in auto ricochet angle or the only good armor pixel of the tank.

KVs aren't heavies until the KV-3 (but that one is shit, so no fun until KV-4)

IS is a medium with a heavy tag.

Tigers have paper thin armor.

And right now I've reached the ST-1, every post I've seen of people complaining, is always bitching about the stock gun, yeah it has 217mm of pen, but the next one only improves it to 225, yeah it's better, but you'll probably still have to aim at weak coupolas, or spam gold, and if you are going to spam gold, the stock gun is actually better than the BL9.

But as I say in the title of the post, I don't have a problem with stock guns. I have a problem with the fucking stock turrets on heavy tanks. This shit has 170mm frontal armor. IN TIER 9.

WHAT THE FUCK am I supposed to do? this is a side scraping thank, but unless I stay behind the fucking wall all the time waiting to get surrounded by mediums while absorbing damage and somehow get a shot into one of them before they gang rape me, I don't know wat to do, I can't use my side hull armor because they will just not shoot me, and whenever I peek to shoot my 170mm of paper turret will get fucking obliterated every single time.

IS IT TOO MUCH TO ASK? The good fucking turret has 250mm frontal armor, why does the stock shitter one has only 170? fuck give me at least 200 man, at least that would be workable, you know, angling and stuff.

And the very same goes for the Tiger II, yeah stock gun has a shitty 280 alpha, but it can pen stuff and 280 alpha is better than 0 alpha, and you can do fine dealing damage slowly… IF YOU COULD, but no, you won't do shit with your stock turret and it's 100mm of armor (80at the sides) at tier fucking 8, dude, tier fucking 6 has 150 pen guns, HELL, EVEN SOME TIER 5 GUNS have more than 100 pen on the STANDARD rounds.

So yeah, you better get the damn turret before the gun if you want to play the Tiger II, otherwise you'll get shit on from EVERYWHERE.

I said.

Thanks for reading if you made it this far.

So what do you think it's a bigger problem, when grinding a new tank, stock guns or turrets? To me stock turrets are on a whole new level of shitness, not even close, yeah stock guns suck, but you can still load gold, yeah spend more credits, but at least you will pen something and get EXP, when you have a shit turret you can either get destroyed or hide like a bitch and hence, not shoot people. You don't get exp wither way.


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