Super Conqueror: Most overrated piece of junk at tier X.

From about 3 years ago, this tank has a reputation as something amazing, something borderline OP.

The experience in 2020? It's honestly so bad that I'd put it down as one of the worst heavies at tier X in the game. Circumstantially, it's actually way, way worse than a T110E5 or even an IS4.

I invite anyone to tell me how I'm wrong here, should be fun.

-Armour: Useless. Even tier 8 mediums RELIABLY frontally pen me. Lower plate is a joke at tier X, and it's huge. Sides are so trash you don't dare angle or you'll get ammo racked and tracked in the same shot. Sidescraping is nearly impossible. Upper plate spaced armour stops too low, entire hull roof is auto pen. Gun mantlet gets penned right through by high pen AP/APCR, HEAT pens the entire roof and easy to hit cupola, making hull down actually impossible as everyone now knows that HEAT deletes the tank completely. I penned a S.Conqueror cupola at 500m with HESH the other day for 1700 damage. 230 pen vs the cupola? Yup, good to pen that. Even the E5 has a better armour scheme even with the cupola. Tier 8s can't pen an E5 reliably with every fucking shot of regular ammo.

-Mobility: Terrible. So. Fucking. Slow. For all the uselessness of the armour, this thing should be going 40kph, it's not like it can hold down any strong positions once a real heavy arrives. Turn speed is also dogshit.

-Gun: Anaemic. Alpha is so weedy even tier 8s are happy to trade with you. DPM is useless as enemy just trades 1 for 1 with larger guns, and is more likely yo pen you than vice versa. Gun handling is actually shite, despite what some think the case to be. It misses fully aimed more than anything I've ever played, while Russians like 277, 260, IS7, etc snapshot just fine. Even when you do hit, pen is mediocre, and premium pen is bad, and it's only 400 alpha. It's barely worth the risk to peek when you'll get smacked back for 750+ every time.

If you haven't gathered, this is a rant, but holy shit is this tank bad for a tier 10 in 2020. It's aged about as well as milk since introduction, and desperately needs a rework along with the E5 and 50B. 400 alpha at tier X is unacceptable these days. 440 is basically required, for all three of these tanks, and other stats reworked. The E5 should probably be made more mobile, and the Super Conqueror much more armoured. Add to the roof, lower plate, sides, and gun mantlet so they're not easy pens for literally everything. Lower the ROF and increase the alpha. Right now the tank's sad and painful to use, and even in perfect matchmaking it's next to useless, as it's so easy to pen that even bottom tiers just humiliate you.


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