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After the Ebr 105 nerfs, I've found a fair bit of interesting stuff: players now prefer the 90 over the 105. Tbh the 105 never really fit in with the whole tech tree, it had better alpha than its counterparts, better stabilisation despite having a larger calibre. Now however, there really isn't much point to play 105 when you got the 90. The 90 only loses a tiny bit of DPM. 10m viewrange difference isnt massive. And the 90 even has better Camo!

WG really messed up. The light tanks that were finally able to deal with other classes just got nerfed. Light tanks are basically the underdogs. The tanks that are finally the meta, aren't op, they just became the baseline. It isn't nerfs that they needed, it's buffs to other lts that they need to make.

When t100lt came to the game, it was great as it could actually fight well enough against other classes. Same thing to ebr. But the people that haven't played ebr keep bitching about how the ebrs suiscout and are somehow effective, but when you actually seenthe results, a skilled player can easily be more effective than an ebr. And if a skilled player played an ebr, they wouldn't suiscout, theyd get a whole lot better results than a moron that just screams: "rush b blyat cykas! Cover my ass and shoot the shit I spot! Reeeeeeeeeeee"

Both ebrs l, progettos, and 430u became the baseline. Sure, I get the 430u, it was a little above the baseline, but that doesn't change my point.

There need to be more buffs in the game. A skilled player in an Lt should outplay all other classes. Then mt, then TD,,then HT, and SPGs aren't even tanks. They're called self-fucking-propelled-guns, not a tank.

And about 105? It never fit into the tree, neither was it historically accurate. The 90 should go to tier 10, and get shitty firepower but nice spotting but not epic speed, and nerf the 105 spotting capacity but leave the same speed as pre nerf. But focus on 105 a little on firepower as well, this sort of hybrid. And make something up for tier 9. WG is great at that. After all, Progetto 46 was never a real tank, no blueprints, nothing. WG just blmade it up on the spot.


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