T-54 is shit. It needs a buff.

Ya ya its your favorite tank – i'm just horrid… pfff~bullshit… did you play it in the recent meta!?

While the tank is fairly mobile and the armor 'okay' enough (since a lot of paper tanks work quite good recently! so much so i noticed more and more ppl moving their CDCs out of the garage) … the gun just sucks asssss….

Which gun? It has 2!? oh well… lets see:

> D102ts has a nice DPM, the rest sucks ass; 201 penetration and 0.39 accuracy with 2.5!s aim time…

This leaves only one choice which oddly enough leads to a (in my opinion) inferior follow up tank… (ye the 140>62A)

>D54, while it doesn't shoot as often, it does have 219 penetration, 0,33 accuracy with 2 seconds aim time

Now this sounds a lot better. What good is DPM if you can't hide the broad side of a Maus and even if you do: you won't penetrate… buttttt then we look closer, shall we?

Most Tier 8 these days boast 200+ penetration:

– centurion mk1 >> 226pen

– P44 Pantera >> 212 pen

– Panther II >> 223 pen

Those have a similar DPM and Accuracy too. Okay, so we do have a Tier 8 gun on a Tier 9 tank

I could now compare its gun to guns on the SAME TIER…

like my favorite on the Centurion Mk1 7/1 which boasts: 105mm 'ROYAL' Ordnance (darn good name btw) 268mm pen, 390 dmg with 0.32 accuracy and 2.3s aim time

This baby DESTROYSSSS the T-54s gun… and its just one of many examples!

Not just has it better statistics in basically every regard… and when it does not, its not that much worse or close of being bad!

AND worst off all: 7/1 has >> -10 degrees << of gun depression, while T-54 has >> ancient -5 degrees <<

So even IF you try to work that gun….. that joke of a tank doesn't let you point it down on enemies…


I remember when my 3-4-3 had those rotten -5… and even while i loved it anyway… – whenver i stepped on a car!! (no joke!) a CAR… my gun rose to the skies and the shot landed in a window… – and i still remember how i cried tears of joy about the buff which gave it -6,5 degree!! And finally, while it not was a mountain goat… i could step on cars as much i wanted… i even could dare to work on a tiny slope for a bit! Oh what wonderful days those were…

Long story short: T-54 needs a buff to -6 or even -6,5… while Obj 140 + 62A should get -7

This way they are still 'bad', compared to other nations (and sticking to their characteristics), yet FUNCTIONAL in their roles!

I think this would be very nice and encourage people to use those once again.

Don't give into the power creep!

ps. speaking of creep. Type59 … < Mod1+T44-100 laugh their ass off about that beaten dog. Going from 'OP' to 'Good' to 'uhh when was the last time i saw one of those? Let alone 2 in a row!' … It took nearly a year for me to see ONE… gold 59… and it was one of perhaps 10 i seen all year (including the one in my garage… gathering dust)

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