Probable Unpopular Opinion: I don’t get the appeal of general FA-OFF flying

To me it is just a useful thing to switch into momentarily during combat and switch back out after the maneuver is complete but generally–for general flight–I don't get the appeal at all. It takes too much constant effort to always be trying to cancel out/manage vectors to maintain a desired course and speed. I'd rather just fly my Courier, Viper or Eagle, things that are super maneuverable with FA-ON and boost/drift–at most turn it off for a few seconds at a time for something. Flying in it all the time? I don't get the appeal.

I have only flown with a HOTAS (and VR, I like to look around when skimming planets). Is it more enjoyable with keyboard and relative mouse because you can make finer adjustments with your fingers on a mouse than with your whole wrist/hand when using a HOTAS? This seems like a reality to me.

Please I'd be interested in people's opinions about general FA-OFF flying! Also, people who do it a lot, do you use KBM or a HOTAS/HOSAS?


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