Tank Rewards Selection – June 2020

Hey Everyone,

I know there have been some posts about choosing which tanks they should claim from tank rewards, but I was hoping I could get some more specific advice. Below I've listed the tanks available and the ones I already have.

Krup Steyr – Skorp G, E25, DickerMax

Thunderbolt – Pilot, M4 Improved, Ram II

Firefly – Cromwell B, AC 4 Experimental

From the tanks I have, I love the SkorpG, E25, and pilot. I don't usually play non-tier 8 premiums because I wait until I get free premium time, then grind credits like a madman with boosters and tier8s all day. I do like collecting tanks though.

I think I am between the firefly and the krup. the firefly b/c is would be an upgrade to the limited British tanks I have. The krup b/c it is more valuable as a tier 7. What do you think?


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/hhfm7g/tank_rewards_selection_june_2020/

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