The EBR 105 is NOT Overpowered…..mostly

The EBR 105 was released in update 1.4 and since has sparked controversy, love and hate into the WOT community. The fact is though that on paper, the EBR 105 is well balanced as shown:

Pros – Mobility, Camo rating

Cons – Armour, Poor penetration, Very low DPM, Low HP, poor stock view range

The big issue with the EBR 105 is not the tank but the meta players have adopted with the tank.

You see a typical light tank, say T100-LT, has 3 roles. Passive scouting, line scouting and mid-end game plays. They are versatile, manoeuvrable and sneaky . A good player can do very well in any traditional light tank however a good player can also counter a light tank with relative ease. Whether it be blind firing a bush you think its in or changing position, fact is they can be outskilled.

The EBR on the other hand is played in 2 ways, one by low skill players who drive straight down the middle hoping to find the SPG's, they typically do 1.5k spotting damage then die. The second is by 55%+ winrate players who will still use its mobility to aggressively spot but will take more measured risks.

The issue with both off these play styles is countering them, whiles the EBR may do no damage on their runs, the fact is they normally 70% of shots fired at them miss or damage the wheels. This results in most of your team being spotted trying to take out 1 EBR for SPG and TD's to deal thousands of damage 90 seconds into the game. The fact is that both of these plays are hard to counter/outskill.

So what is the solution, well nerfing the EBR's mobility will make it null and void. Nerfing the EBR's view range will only compound the suicide scout meta, Nerfing the gun is stupid as it is not the main risk of an EBR.

The fact is though that Wargaming are going to nerf the EBR soon, however, without changing the way the tank is played I don't think it will change much. WG wont change the EBR's MM to 1 a side or change it to a different class so EBR's are here to stay, for better or worse we need to learn to deal with them better than teams do today.

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