The Last WT Mode Thoughts/Guide

Here are some of my thoughts on this mode, after finishing my collection today. Overall I really like the mode (hence why I finished so fast), props to WG for making an interesting an unique option!


  1. Some of the spawns on Fishermans Bay are wayyyy to close to the WT spawn, which lets them feast while your weak. This is easily my least favorite map as T55 and could use a rebalance imo
  2. Redshire is best T55a (worst for WT) map by far: lots of hard cover, not too many obstacles where you can make driving mistakes, and you generally can get to the next minion spawn well before the WT
  3. Studzianki is in between those two, pretty well balanced imo

WT Gameplay:

Not much to say here, WT is hard to lose imo if you are decent (I'm currently 7/7 having won on all maps at least once). Your basic strategy should be to secure kills to lower their numbers, try to beat T55s to the next minion spawn/camp their unclaimed energy, and to reload your clip when you aren't actively engaging (like a regular autoloader). The abilities aren't super useful but can be helpful occasionally, I'm glad they aren't OP.

T55 Gameplay:

  1. The main reason you lose as T55s is you lose 1-2 people early (before you hit ~lvl 8)-in this case, its almost impossible to win bc the WT can handle a 1v4 (and sometimes a 1v5) at the end fairly easily, but 6 or 7 is overwhelming for them. Be extra cautious on your last life.
  2. If you have a lot of time ledft after getting to lvl 8/9, consider just going for the WT, especially if they are away from the bots.
  3. In the first 4-5 minion spawns, ram the Pz3s, Luchs, 28.01, and Pz4H, but nothing else; shoot the heaviest tanks and ram the lightest to get through as fast as possible, ram at ~75% of top speed or so, especially on the Pz4s, so you take less than ~100 dmg
  4. Save your boost for going between bot spawns or if WT is coming for u.
  5. It may be worth sacrificing a life to distract the WT for a while or to grab that energy that your team missed, try to read the situation


Rerolling Harrier (and Engineer-not as important for those bc you only need 10 and winning as WT is easier imo) crates once/twice is def worth is you aren't totally broke on credits, I only didn't get a new collection piece after 2 rerolls on one occasion. You don't get duplicate collection pieces, unlike the ornament crap they do with the lootboxes which is really nice. Can't speak to the special footlockers personally, but I think content creators have given pretty good insight into those.

These are my thoughts, I'm happy to hear your feedback!


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