The new 1.10 buffs favour the Russian over the German, surprise surprise

I see a lot of people talking about how these E 100 changes are going to make it competitively viable, but I don't see it. Believe me, I've been looking for anything that tips the scales towards the German behemoth but the turret buffs are basically nothing. HEAT shells still easily pen the middle of the turret, it's just a matter of aiming slightly more towards the turret centre. I bounce the occasional shell off my mantle, but that's sheer luck. On the other hand, i am regularly blocking 3-5k damage per game in my IS-4, with games as high as 7.3k, and the shots blocked are 99% gold rounds too

The E 100's buffed turret comes to approximately 330mm, taking into account the angle of the turret face. Against most HEAT shells, this is still penetrated with relative ease. According to, the 60TP has around a 40% chance on average to penetrate a front-facing E 100's turret. Not bad, but the E 100's HEAT shells have an approximate 55% chance to slink through. Still a 45% chance to bounce the shot, ok. To no-one's surprise, the Object 279e has a 55% chance too. The Object 277 has a fantastic 65% chance to penetrate the turret. I could go on and on but you get the idea. Now, all of these percentages were based on being completely level with the E 100's turret, of course if the E 100 has its lower plate covered and has high ground on you, the angle is much steeper and the turret is impenetrable. The point of this whole tangent is that the E 100 needs its buff adjusted so the turret is about 340-350mm thick when the angle is taken into account. Some may think that to be excessive and OP, but remember that many turrets in the game are 300mm thick and fully circular instead of the 270mm rhombus of the E 100. I just want to see my baby in full fighting form.

If you have any calculations or evidence that contradict my findings, please tell me. I'm more than happy to accept that the E 100 has been adequately buffed and I'm just a dumbass


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