The new progression decals are useless.

EDIT2: I might come of a little harsh here, not my intention. I have nothing against bad players. Read bottom edit.

Wargaming just released a new post with a video about their new progressive decals which are supposed so display achievement and skill.
Initially i thought this would be something similar to marks of exellence and it exited me greatly.

However, after watching the video and reading the post i have come to understand that these decals will at most only display a small amount of skill and will be achievable by everyone when enough time has passed except for the very, absolutely worst of players. Meaning they will gradually become less of an achievement as time goes on as most players will get them.

The problem is that the requirements for progression are not set to be complete within a certain amount of battles or based on averages like MoE's

The reaper decal: Destroy a certain amount of enemy vehicles.
But thats all it is, to get the highest tier decal, one just has to destroy 200 enemy vehicles, so given enough time anyone will get it. In my opinion it should be destroy X amount of vehicles within Y amount of battles while making it harder and harder for each decal tier, where the last one should be achievable only by the very best.
This will add exitement to the attempt of obtaining these decals instead of them being grindable for any monkey if they just play enough games in the vehicle.

The same goes for the "Tank Ace" decal (and all the other ones) They are not set to be within certain amount of battles, entirely grindable.

These decals have HUGE potential because they can add more MoE like elements to the game that arent just about damage, but also other things like kills. But as they are now they wont give any sense of fullfilment or skill as they are just grindable by everyone except the VERY worst if players and performing badly wont set you back or preventing you from obtaining them in the first place.

EDIT: Im not saying there shouldnt be achivememts for bad players. There are multiple stages for each decal meaning there is room for multiple levels of difficulty here.


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