The next vehicles to be reworked.

Now that the Leopard 1 and the STB-1 got reworked in the latest patch, and with the Kranvagen reworked the previous patch, there is just 2 vehicles left to be rebalanced in this list which WG published last year:

Vehicle Rebalancing

This year we’ve been actively working on vehicle rebalancing, adding new tanks, and removing some old ones. Now we’re ready to take the next step.

We’re going to improve the vehicles that will be most affected by the rebalancing of “special ammo”. We’ll also focus on vehicles with poor efficiency and overhaul some overpowered tanks to revise their characteristics.

The following vehicles will be rebalanced first:

E 100
Leopard 1

I am of course talking about the IS-4 and the E 100. There are of course other vehicles which deserve some love, but, according to this article, these 2 heavies should be the next/high priority ones.

What do you think WG will do to make them viable again? What do you think they need the most?


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