This games inability to reward its players is going to kill the game.

I know, I know, another post about how the game is going down the shitter and how bad some of WGs practices are, but hear me out.

Not every one of us is a dude with 40k+ games and 15 tier 10 tanks and enough tier 8 prems to play all-day long, most of us are twiddling away at this game and more and more its feeling like a waste of time, because its the least rewarding game on earth.

It is next to impossible to grind out the lines without a prem account without going mad, if you play a decent game you may get 800xp, on the Xbox version you can pick up 2000k in an alright game (I dont think we should go that far, but come on.) And when you finally unlock the next tank you have the pleasure of driving a stock vehicle, how fun.

The blueprints are next to useless with the RNG nature of it and the lack of national blueprints being handed makes it a non-factor. I feel like the game doesn't give me any reason to play it.

I have a full-time job, I cant devout time into FL each week in order to get rewarded that way, the clan war system is a wasteland in the NA server unless your some sort of unicum and tank marathons are rare. I am not willing to put time into a game if it feels like useless wheel spinning.

WG needs to make the game more rewarding to play, if they don't I doubt 60% of players will be playing in 2 years, hell, my two friends quit for this exact reason.


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