Tier 11, 12 Modern MBT lines?

Before you go screaming at my face, lemme tell you some details.

Obviously, because tanks become quite OP with composite armor, they will be given preferential matchmaking that means fighting only between tier 11s and 12s. In addition, no ATGMs and heavy tanks whatsoever. All tanks will be gun-operated.

US Line

Light: M551(W/o ATGM) -> Stingray
Medium: XM1 -> M1 Abrams (Includes 140mm Derp Gun)
TD: M1128 -> XM8 AGS
Artillery: M110 -> M109

UK Line

Light: Scimitar -> Scorpion
Medium: Challenger 1 -> Challenger 2
TD: FV721 Fox -> MBT 80 Gladiator
Artillery: Abbot -> AS90

Soviet Line

Light: BMP-1 -> BMP-2
Medium: T-72 -> T-80U/T-90
TD: Obj 934/NONA -> Sprut SD
Artillery: 2S25 Gvozdika -> MSTA-S

German Line

Light: Marder APC -> Wiesel AWC
Medium: Leopard 1A5 -> Leopard 2
TD: SK-105 -> TAM
Artillery: PzH 155-1 -> PzH 2000

French Line

Light: AML 90 -> AMX 10RC
Medium: AMX 30 Super -> Leclerc
TD: AMX 30 ACRA -> AMX 30B2
Artillery: Caesar -> AMX 30 Auf 1(GCT)

These are what I have for now. Discuss?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/mo5wyv/tier_11_12_modern_mbt_lines/

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