Tortoise is some of the most fun I’ve had in a TD.

It feels kinda nasty playing this thing, but it doesn't look that insane… In till you realize it reloads in almost 5 seconds flat with 400 alpha.

If we start doing math, thats…

  • 800 damage in 10 seconds
  • 1600 damage in 20 seconds
  • 2400 damage in 30 seconds

(On average at least from experience you are hitting two shots on people or across multiple people.)

Put it into perspective, it can do more alpha then any 750 alpha gun and still be faster at doing it. We do more damage then a JPE100 in 20 seconds… 650 more damage then a Shitbarn in 30 seconds.

However I think the bigger fact is that with the short reload of this things gun. It has a much, much easier time controlling engagements then the T95. Not only tracking vehicles, but keeping up the punishment. Also with the fast reload allows you to share the damage among enemy tanks.

I'd almost say Torto is way better then T95. Except one major flaw…

The armor is only good against standard AP. While it only has ONE weakpoint for standard AP, it's armor is trash against most tier 9/10 gold. While the T95 armor can be gold proof at times. However T95 does have a lot more weak points for standard AP.

So they each have their own clear style. Do you prefer the armor and just sucker punching people for 750 of the T95, or do you prefer the stupidly high rof and being able to control situations easier while still at the end of day doing on average 800 alpha to one tank being both shells hit.

Edit: Math bad. Math fixed. xD


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