Your 10 best tanks by stats

I'm kinda curious to see which tanks people seem to do best in. To exclude outliers, only tanks with 50 battles or more. Mine are as follows.


  1. IS-3
  2. AMX ELC
  3. E 50
  4. T-10
  5. E 100
  6. IS
  7. M4A1
  8. Cromwell B
  9. E 75
  10. Tiger 1

Win rate:

  1. IS
  2. KV-1
  3. SU 122-44
  4. KV-85
  5. E 50
  6. T-28
  7. E 25
  8. Hetzer
  9. E 100
  10. T-54 Mod 1

Also for the sake of opinions, what I personally believe to be my best tanks are as follows:

  1. E 50 – The grind getting all the modules really took a toll on both WR and WN8 for the first 100 battles or so. After the 105, it was spectacular soaring results since then.
  2. IS-3 – It's just really good.
  3. CS-52 LIS – Most of my play time comes from another account that has a good crew which is why it's not in my main account's top 10. Very flexible tank with really good alpha for a tier 8 medium. Much better than the T-44-100 IMO.
  4. KV-85 – Having 390 alpha at tier 6 on a reasonably mobile chassis with a fully traversible turret is amazing. Your presence alone is enough to influence games as soon as you chunk an equal tier tank for half its HP.
  5. T-54 Mod 1 – Mostly used as a crew trainer, but even with garbage crews, the tank performs admirably. It can do a little bit of everything and when you get tier 6 mm, you're basically a superheavy, but fast.
  6. M5A1 Stuart – An absolute monster at tier 4. No other T4 even compares. Not on main account which is why it's not on the stats lists, and the only reason it's not higher is because it's a seal clubber.
  7. AMX ELC – It can spot, it can circle, it can relocate with ease, it's so tiny it makes people miss a whole bunch. The garbage gun depression is really the biggest thing that I hate about it.
  8. T-54 – Still grinding the tank, but it's performing pretty well even without modules. HEAT pen and excellent gun handling give the tank most of what it needs to operate well at mid range, but I don't expect it to overtake the E 50 due to poor accuracy, smaller alpha, and considerably worse gun depression.
  9. IS/IS-2 – Still a very solid tank at tier 7 after all these years. 390 alpha is respectable and with considerably better DPM, gun handling, and depression than the KV-85, it's a more consistent tank overall.
  10. T-44 – And by extension the T-44-100. I don't notice much difference between the two aside from the credits you earn. Very flexible medium at tier 8. Low alpha and poor penetration to deal with tier 10s and a lack of reliable armor to bully tier 6s make it mediocre, but it is consistently mediocre. Consistency is very important to me.


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