Tutorial is impossible right now

I started World of tanks back when it came out only played like 3 hours and left. I just tried getting into it again especially with some friends. Now i am not that good at these games but i am also not a complete noob. I understand the core mechanics of early gameplay. Stay in Cover move in between reloads and flank the enemy. Thats all good but the last battle in the tutorial does not provide any of these options to me. If i go aggressive there is always 1 or 2 enemy tanks trying to capture the point and not a Single bot in my Team reacts. When i try to capture every enemy tank will rush my position. If i stay in the middle i will eventually be alone against 6 or 7 tanks. All clustered up because my bot teammates can not kill a Single enemy. Not one. That always leaves me alone while my "mates" just stay really far back too. They dont even go to the enemy base or push any further than the middle while the enemy has a couple of tanks pushing exclusively towards me while also having at least 4 tanks hidden around their Camp. If i even Show myself for a split second i take 4 to 5 hits. I usually dont complain about difficulty or fairness of a game but when i cant complete a tutorial it starts bothering me. By the way i did the same tutorial 2 months ago however my account was for some reason reset? And 2 months ago i got through it with no problems whatsoever because my teammates were actually capable.

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