(unpopular opinion) The wheelies should be entirely revamped, their current state scrapped and reworked to the current state of the game

It is no secret that the EBR line is rather decent, to say the least, especially the EBR 105. And, of course, the initial state of the EBR was way too good for the time, where even the least skilled players could easily outplay any other tank.

After the considerable nerfs of course, the EBR has become more manageable to fight against, but nonetheless, it has remained very strong. Some people are satisfied, others aren't, some absolutely don't care. Some people want more nerfs, others say its the others that need to be buffed instead, etc. etc.

But as an EBR player myself, after the nerfs, the EBR sort of lost meaning. If I want to scout, then I can pick the T-100 lt or Manticore. If I want to deal damage, I can pick the 105mm Sheridan. In most cases, any specific light tank will outperform the EBR in a specific aspect that I want. The EBR really doesn't fit well anymore. It's viewrange isn't good enough to spot well, it's stabilization doesn't allow for as many bullshit shots anymore, while any half-decent player with fast enough shells won't have much problems to hit the EBR, especially considering how it now needs to get even closer while having less mobility.

Instead of nerfing the EBR even more, or buffing some of it's aspects, it should just be entirely reworked. Is it a scout? Is it a shooter? What role does the EBR perform? Because currently, with the field modification level 3, any player can perform both roles, while most other lights can't.

If the EBR is a scout, then it's stabilization should be nerfed to to be worse than any other light tank, the viewrange buffed and make the wheels function more like tracks: less jagged movement, and greater punishment for damaged wheels. Prioritize the scouting aspect and make the players want to not get spotted.

However, if the EBR is meant to shoot, then the viewrange should be made to be impossible to spot anything beyond 350m, even with good equipment. The stabilization be improved back to what it was and make the penetration actually half-decent. Meanwhile the mobility may be nerfed for the maneuverability to be buffed (or something along those lines).

The point is, the EBR has to get a defined role so that it tilts one way more than the other. It either shoots, in which case, if you want to scout, play a different light tank. Or it is meant to be a scout, in which case, if you want to shoot, go play another tank.

It just doesn't make sense what exactly the EBR is meant to do on the battle. It is still strong, and in many cases it can take on both roles and perform equally well if not better than some other light tanks. It has decent top speed, but in practice the T-100 lt has much more comfortable maneuverability. If you want to scout, the T-100 lt or the Manticore would perform better. If you want to shoot, pick the Sheridan or Rheinmetall. If you want to survive, pick the T-100 lt or Wz-132-1.

Wargaming really gotta decide what the EBR does, as it currently performs well in all aspects but the nerfs are not enjoyable to experience (as an EBR player).

Tldr: the EBR line performs well in most aspects and can take on a scouting and shooting role. Instead of nerfing it even more, it should be rebalanced/reworked to a specific role: either scouting or shooting, not both

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