Video Card advice

Running an i5-4690k oc'd to 4.4 along with a XFX RX 580 GTR Black Edition. I play tanks on a 75hz monitor, but am looking to upgrade soon to an ultrawide with at least a 100 refresh.

I've tried a couple of 1440 ultrawides, but I have to reduce the graphics setting to a mix of medium and high with AA and tessellation turned way down. Now while I can pull near 100fps now in tanks at 1440 on an ultrawide, I get wild fps swings and my gpu is screaming and my cpu is getting warmer than I'd like it to.

I'd like to get a new gpu, but can't afford the 5700xt or the new 2070s. I'd also like to make my pc available to my young boys to play Forza 4, Apex, Fortnite and have higher fps.

I've been looking at 1070s, specifically, the MSI Titanium GTX 1070 Ti, an EVGA 1070 SC2, and the ASUS ROG Strix 1070. Will these 1070s work well with what I'd like to do, ie., play tanks at 1440 near 100fps with high/max settings and play games like Forza, Apex, etc., at 1440p near 100fps or more?

I appreciate the help.


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