WG, so, when is the T95/FV4201 Nerf coming?

T95/FV4201/ – 41K Battles (next most popular, IS7 with 15K) , Recent WN8 58%, Overall WN8 59%.

Sure, there is the 279e out there too, but it is not as prolific. The 907 is also really high in WR, but it is not 2.5x~3x as popular as the 2nd most popular MT – it is not even the most popular MT out there.

During the last campaign, most of the Campain strats were focused on teams with at least 50% T95/FV4201 & 279e, and as far as MTs go, probably 100% was 907s. The only Tech-Tree tanks were SPGs and EBRs – unless someone in your clan was doing you a favor, i.e. pretty much to participate in the process of qualifying for a Reward tank, you need a reward tank. Or you need to be in a "OK" clan and play a lot -> thus the servers are flooded with definately sub-par players that now ready up nothing but their OP tank.

At this point, T95/FV4201 are deleterious for CW/Advances etc, and ofc super-strong in pubs. It is as "bad" as the 268v4 was in many regards. And it has been since introduction, only to get worse with each campaign.

Sure, you wanted to make a ding with the reward tanks WG, you did. You OVER-did. Time to tune it down a bit.

Statistics : https://www.noobmeter.com/tankStats/eu

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/cq0jjr/wg_so_when_is_the_t95fv4201_nerf_coming/

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