What will happen to game play if WG changes HE shells?

I was thinking about the impending HE changes because I'm close to unlocking the T49. I don't know what this tank will be after the changes, nor do I know how the game will change in general. So help me out.

HE is used in four ways currently:

  • Side scraping counter
  • Hull-down Vibranium turret counter
  • Squishy tank squishing
  • High-alpha DERP guns

In the first two situations, HE isn't a good solution; but it may be the only solution if you can't flank or relo. In the third situation, squishy tanks, HE works well sometimes but requires the presence of mind and time to reload and performance is unreliable. For DERPs, I'm wondering if nerfing HE will produce unintended side effects.

  • If people know they can no longer be one-shot or lose 80% of their health plus multiple crits in a single hit, will we see more wolf-pack YOLOs?
  • Will fast, thin-armored, high-dpm tanks dominate the meta?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/duybmk/what_will_happen_to_game_play_if_wg_changes_he/

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