Wheelies, EBR 105, simply make World of Tanks less enjoyable

There are a lot of opinions about what deserves to change about wheeled vehicles, but I often finding myself not wanting to play WoT the more enemy EBR 105 I see. This is especially true on smaller/open maps (think Steppes) and especially especially true with multiple artillery (happening a lot lately). There are matches I find myself spotted 30 seconds or so into a match – basically the "deployment" phase. Nobody is likely to hit an EBR 105 outside pure dumb RNG luck, so you've mostly got to get to your flank and pray in the meantime. If you DO grace the Gods favor and hit it, it seems unrewarding: it will still be alive, and you'll cost it a measly 5 or 10km/hr. But you, you're now being targeted by artillery and your flank is known to everyone.

Wheeled vehicles changed the meta of the entire game. That goes for for Clan Wars (which 95% of the time take the EBR 105 as their light tank), ranked battles, and random battles. Maps were not originally designed with 90km/hr in mind. They're not fun to play against, and I do genuinely feel bad when vulnerable enemies like the Barn get spotted and taken out in under 60 seconds of match start. Playing any other light into an EBR feels like you're fighting an upgrade, not a sidegrade. High explosive shells devastate other lights. Not the EBR 105, which arguably has side-skirting for anything that doesn't hit its mailbox of a turret.

Regardless of their future tweaks, the EBR 105 feels anti-fun. Their players have gotten much better and crash only rarely. It will spot you earlier than expected, take less damage than expected, and take far fewer mobility penalties than it deserves. They are an absolute killer to my motivation to play tier 10.

I don't know what deserves to be changed. Less gun? Less accuracy? Less turning? Less black-hole wheels? I'm not sure, but after dozens of matches against these things in the past month (and one match of an enemy platoon of three EBR 105), it's as if I can hear a collective sigh from my team as we look at the team list and realize it's another EBR game.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/gkl5cg/wheelies_ebr_105_simply_make_world_of_tanks_less/

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